The MediSpell Medical Spell Checker is the perfect medical transcription tool for health care professionals. If you find yourself dealing with medical terms and pharmaceutical terminology then MediSpell is your answer. If you're looking for a good medical spell checker but don't have the budget for premium medical spell check programs like Spellex or Tabers, we've got the perfect medical speller for you!

All Inclusive

Includes thousands of important terms from surgical, chemistry, and laboratory terminology.

Fast and Responsive

Includes dual spelling engines for faster and more accurate on-the-fly spell checking.

100% Microsoft Certified

MediSpell is a full-featured, Microsoft-certified medical spell check reference.

Nothing New to Learn

Works seamlessly with your favorite Microsoft or WordPerfect spell checker!

Customer Support

World-Class customer service and technical support. A guaranteed reply within 4 business hours.

Over 40 Medical Specialties

Including cardiology, hematology, neurology, ophthalmology, urology, and more!

Simple pricing. Advanced features.

Single User License

$ 44.98
Per User
  • Price $44.98
  • ($69.95 regular price)
  • One time licensing fee for one computer

5 User License

$ 18
Per User
  • Price $90.00
  • ($180.00 regular price)
  • License for use on 5 computers

10 User License

$ 13.50
Per User
  • Price $135.00
  • ($270.00 regular price)
  • License for use on 10 computers

25 User License

$ 8
Per User
  • Price $200.00
  • ($400.00 regular price)
  • License for use on 25 computers

50 User License

$ 7
Per User
  • Price $350.00
  • (Regular Price $700.00)
  • License for use on fifty computers

75 User License

$ 6
Per User
  • Price $450.00
  • (Regular Price $900.00)
  • License for use on seventy-five computers

100 User License

$ 5
Per User
  • Price $500.00
  • (Regular Price $1,000)
  • License for use on one-hundred computers

15 Day Free Trial of MediSpell

The trial version includes more than 170,000 medical terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • How do I know it's working?
  • Do you offer updates?

How does it work?

MediSpell uses a Microsoft tool to create its enhanced spelling lexicon files. Our files are Microsoft certified to work in MS Office. The setup process created the necessary configuration to integrate MediSpell seamlessly with the Microsoft Office proofing tools. When you edit your document, the Microsoft Office applications will use the both the Microsoft and MediSpell file to spell check your content.

Is it easy to install?

Yes! The installation program automatically locates the Microsoft proofing tools configuration and adds the MediSpell enhanced lexicon file to the spell checking process. All you have to do is click next during the setup process a few times. Within a couple of minutes your MediSpell software will be installed!

How do I know it's working?

The setup program will install a test document to your computer. You can access this document by clicking the shortcut in your Start Menu - MediSpell - Medi Test Document. You can always open MS Word and browser for the file. The default location is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MediSpell". This document will contain a very small sample of the medical terms included in the MediSpell enhanced medical spelling file. Some words are misspelled on purpose. Right-clicking on those words should provide a suggestion list to replace it with a correctly spelled word.

Do you offer updates?

We update our spelling file once a year. The update includes new terminology as well as enhancements to the setup program for new compatibility. Registered customers are offered a special upgrade discount.